Imagine waking up every day knowing that you and your leadership team know that no matter what is thrown your way, you have the confidence and skills to sail through any high seas and bad weather and bring your crews with you. Most days you will achieve what is important to you, and you will also learn healthier ways to deal with stress, imposter syndrome, conflict, indecision, or any individual negative self-talk so that it doesn’t push you around or lead to unhealthy conflict, unwanted resignations, over-drinking or eating, bad sleep, or taking it out on those around you.

You will be leaders that are able to stay connected to values and purpose, and inspire others, plus learn how to have time for your individual wellbeing – you will all be a happy, healthy leader (HHL for short) and leadership team.

Happy Health Leaders = a Happy Healthy bottom line

My Proven 7-Step Framework

The HAPPY HEALTHY LEADER (HHL) PROGRAM is built on practical strategies based on scientific evidence, that has helped many leaders and leadership teams achieve short- and long-term sustainable change. In this program you are going to be taken through the 7 step HHL framework that will transition you to being a happy, healthy leader and leadership team.

The Happy Healthy Leader Framework


The Happy Healthy Leader Framework

  • Step 1What is a HHL?

  • Step 2HHL Assessment

  • Step 3Clarify & Set Goals

  • Step 4HHL Action Map

  • Step 5Kryptonite for Stress

  • Step 6Apply HHL Strategies

  • Step 7Embed HHL = Sustainable Success

HHL Program Options

Key Outcomes from this Program

Have clarity around what is important to you and how to go after it
Be less reactive and more proactive with your team, peers and executive
Have confidence in the decisions you are making
Have more energy every day because you have learned how to focus on what is important rather than what isn’t
Have confidence in your abilities to deal with difficult people while supporting those who are on board
Integrate your own mind-health program that is going to keep you resilient and mentally fit where your negative voice is no longer pushing you around
Lead with Emotional Intelligence and show your team how to do the same
Enjoy better sleep, better relationships, better overall health. Feel excited about your future.

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What People Have Said

  • Kerry May
    Succeeding as a leader has little to do with title and everything to do with mindset. This is where coaching with Margie for all our leaders at BM_ has been beneficial. Having a team on the same page is vital for us as we grow as an organisation. The coaching process has helped to identify and communicate core values, learn how to approach tough decisions, set performance targets high for ourselves and others in the team, expand self awareness, and pay attention to the self-talk. We’ve even learnt to start our leadership meeting with mindfulness. Being a leader means playing for the teams success rather than your own and navigating the many balancing acts that make the job so challenging. Margie has helped us as a team navigate that journey. I recommend her to any organisation on a pathway of growth.
    Kerry May
    General Manager, Bickerton Masters
  • Julia Lawrence, Executive General Manager Service Delivery
    Margie has been a great coach over the last 12 months, working with me to identify my strengths, set boundaries, find new thinking and ways of working, set short, medium and longer term goals and motivated me to take the steps necessary to be more successful and aligned. Her style was encouraging, engaging, and honest and she had a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to share which was well grounded. I valued our time together and would recommend Margie’s coaching to other managers and leaders looking for both personal and professional growth.
    Julia Lawrence, Executive General Manager Service Delivery
    St Vincents' Care Australia
  • Sally Callie, Triple Olympian & Educator
    I was introduced to Margie by a friend who had recently made a successful corporate career step thanks to Margie. My interaction with Margie from that point on was gaining clarity regarding my values & purpose which resulted in a clear 10 Yr strategic plan linked to specific 30- and 90-day goals. We worked together increasing emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and confidence to build important professional networks for future opportunities. I was surprised how quickly we achieved the goals set in the strategic plan. What made me a fan of Margie was her remarkable ability to hold you accountable to your values & purpose, but also to ask exactly the right questions to elicit deep self-reflection which ultimately led to positive change. I attribute a lot of my success in gaining clarity & progression in my career to Margie.
    Sally Callie, Triple Olympian & Educator
    Brisbane Girls Grammar School
  • Seth Grantley, Chief Operating Officer
    Prior to my program with Margie I had a mindset that manifested into unproductiveness and dissatisfaction. Margie helped me identify what was causing this mindset, reframe my view, and allow me to become productive and satisfied again.
    Seth Grantley, Chief Operating Officer
  • Fiona McDougall, General Manager - Work Winning
    Before I met Margie I lacked focus and did not have a coherent plan to achieve my goals. Following my sessions with Margie I feel that I have a clear pathway to achieve my goals that is flexible enough to respond to new challenges I experience along the way but is still robust enough to help me achieve my short-term and long-term goals. I couldn’t rate her more highly.
    Fiona McDougall, General Manager - Work Winning
  • Anthony Quin, Managing Director
    Margie is a wonderful person who provides great support and advice in career development and professional achievement. Her approach is innovative and effective. I highly recommend her.
    Anthony Quin, Managing Director
    Somerset International Australia
  • Jenny Purdie, CEO
    Margie’s program helped me think holistically about what is important. It gave me new insights into the critical things I need to look for in any role to be successful. Margie's commercial experience also showed through in her practical advice.
    Jenny Purdie, CEO
  • Executive General Manager
    Margie's approach is a good mix of pragmatism and innovation which helps deliver successful outcomes for people and business. I am continuously impressed with the long-term relationship approach Margie takes to support achieving the best all round outcomes.
    Executive General Manager
  • Scott Draper, HP Coach Development
    Margie is an exceptional coach who is able to give the right advice that advances your thinking, re-shapes your status quo towards impactful change and provides tools that equip you for the journey ahead. She is genuine and wants the best for you.
    Scott Draper, HP Coach Development
    Tennis Australia
  • Angela Tillmanns, Principal
    Margie is brilliant at working with individuals to identify their passions and put in a plan in place to maximise their potential in any work situation. Margie is the best senior executive coach, because she gets results for the organisation as well as the individual.
    Angela Tillmanns, Principal
    RAZ Consulting
  • Anna Chipperfield, Head of People and Culture
    When coaching one on one - Margie creates a safe environment that is fully inclusive. Her coaching style is welcoming and structured. Holding us accountable is key to personal and team success and Margie does this in a very approachable way without compromising expectations.
    Anna Chipperfield, Head of People and Culture
  • Vanessa Hill, General Counsel - Telecommunications
    Margie is very experienced in many professional environments. I have found her insight and support to be invaluable and have enjoyed the way Margie has challenged me to strive for more. I highly recommend Margie to anyone looking for executive coaching support.
    Vanessa Hill, General Counsel - Telecommunications
    Ventia Pty Ltd
  • Rebecca Brewster, General Manager Client Services
    Margie is an incredible executive leadership coach who is truly passionate about the work she does. I highly recommend Margie if you are wanting to progress your leadership career and gain valuable skills to add to your professional tool box.
    Rebecca Brewster, General Manager Client Services
  • CSO
    I have been fortunate to build an enduring professional association with Margie over the past 14 years. Margie’s cross-industry knowledge and experience, her considered and practical advice and unique ability to ask the ‘right’ clarifying questions at various change points in my career.

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